On The Day

Joining instructions

Joining instructions, including your race number, will be sent out in the week before the race.

On the day

Getting here and parking:

  • To help everyone avoid parking congestion we encourage attendees to car share where possible
  • Car parking is at Queen Margaret’s School accessible from the school entrance on Skipwith Road. 
  • The postcode for users of satellite navigation is YO19 6EG. 
  • The car park will be open from 9:30am. Please allow enough time to park, get to the start line, and collect your number. We strongly suggest arriving no later than 10:30am
  • Parking is on grass, and is approximately 800m from the start line.  
  • Please do not park elsewhere in the village.
  • For those preferring public transport, the Arriva 415 service runs between Selby and York. The Escrick stop is opposite the church.

We have a limited number of disabled parking spaces available – please contact info@escrick10k.co.uk at least a week before the run if you require one.

Collecting Your Number and timing tag:

Your race number and timing tag will be available from the numbers tent which is situated near the start line on the village green. Please allow sufficient time to collect this. It is a big help if you can remember your race number.

In addition to your race number, you will be given a matching numbered envelope which contains a shoe tag, to fasten to the top of the shoe, and two twist ties.

Thread the twist ties under and then up through the laces, then pass the ties upwards through the holes in the tags and twist together.

At the end of the race, these will be cut off, so don't thread your laces through the tags, only use the twist ties!!

If you fail to attach the tag to your shoe then your time won't be recorded by the equipment.

Once the tag is in place, your time will be recorded each time you cross the mats, at both start and finish. Your first time seen by the equipment will be used to calculate your overall gun and net times.

Please remember to bring safety pins to attach your race number to your top.



We have two sets of toilets available:

  • Queen Margaret’s School Sports Hall (by the car park). These are open 9.30 – 10.45 a.m.
  • Portable toilets on the Village Green, including a urinal block. Please do not use the Portable toilets for getting changed as this can cause queues.

There won’t be enough for everyone to spend a penny five minutes before the start of the race. Please plan ahead!

Bag storage:

There will be a supervised area for leaving bags and clothing in the main marquee on the village green.


A BBQ will be available on the village green serving bacon, sausage, chicken, vegan and vegetarian rolls for £2.50. There will also be cakes, tea, coffee and soft drinks - all priced at £1. This will be available from 9.30 a.m.

The Race itself:

Race briefing:

  • This race will start at 11.00am promptly, from the start line at the Village Green. Please assemble at 10.50am at the start line.
  • Please ensure you have a race number and a timing tag.
  • Can you please only be at the front if you are a fast runner – 100 people complete the run in less than 45 minutes. 
  • There are prominent yellow arrows at every turn on the course. The course is well sign-posted, and marshals will be located at a number of points along the route to ensure competitors and spectator safety.
  • An off road vehicle will be used at the front of the race to direct the runners.
  • At all times follow the directions of the marshals
  • The kilometre markers are not precise but have been located where you can see them
  • There are speed humps on the road close to the start/finish.
  • Be careful going through the gates into the school which have protruding edges
  • The route in the woods is uneven and possibly be muddy in places
  • There are electric fences in places in the woods. These are well back from the course and shouldn't impact runners, but if you sneak behind a tree for a pee you might get a shock.
  • There is a crossing point in the woods where runners are going in both directions, but the marshal will ensure you head in the correct direction.
  • The course is generally closed to public vehicles, but we cannot guarantee that the course is entirely free of vehicles, pedestrians and horse riders. Also wild animals, particularly deer, may stray onto the course, albeit these usually run away from people. Please keep a good look-out.
  • When returning up the school drive, please keep to the left to allow cars to exit the car parks on the other side of the drive.
  • There is a water station near the half-way mark. It is advisable that all competitors drink sufficient water prior to the run. It should be noted that the event is being held on a morning in August, when the temperature and conditions could be demanding especially as you are running.
  • We have an emergency vehicle located by the course – contact your nearest marshal if in trouble 
  • The first aid post is next to the start/finish line manned by Medics UK. Medics on bikes will also follow the last runner.
  • We do not prohibit the use of headphones, but please ensure these do not inhibit your ability to hear instructions from marshals or hear approaching vehicles.
  • At the finish line, we will be collecting your timing tags. Do not duck out!
  • Enjoy the run

Finishing Funnel:

Timing is based on chip timing. Your timing tag will be collected after the race in the funnel area.

Water will provided to all Entrants shortly after the Finish Line, along with a memento, and a choice of chocolate or cereal bars.

Race times and positions will be published on our website (through a link to ukresults.net) on the evening after the race.


Prizes will be awarded to

1st, 2nd & 3rd Male and Female

Age Category Prizes: 

Male >40, >50, >60 and >70

Female >40, >50, >60 and >70


The pedestrian route back to the car park runs along part of the course. Please give way to runners and keep to the sides where possible.

We will use an alternative car park exit from the lawn areas until 12:30pm to reduce the number of cars needing to cross the course, please follow the exit signs. Please keep to the 10mph speed limit and maintain a good look-out for pedestrians.


We want the Escrick 10k to be an enjoyable and safe race, therefore we welcome feedback. In general it is best to contact us after the day with this, unless it is an immediate safety concern that needs addressing immediately on the day. Creating a queue of 25 cars whilst you argue with a car park marshal on your opinion of ways the parking can be improved, is not the right place nor time.

It's a sad reflection on a very small number of participants that we have to say it, but: We will not tolerate aggression and unnecessary confrontation towards our volunteers. Anyone exhibiting aggression or unnecessary confrontation towards our volunteers will be disqualified and barred from future events.

The legal bit:

Remember, your participation in the event is subject to our terms and conditions.