The Course

The course is a 10k multi-terrain course, starting from, and ending at Escrick Village Green.

The first and last km are mostly on tarmac, the rest of the race is mostly bridleways through the Escrick Park Estate. Depending on weather conditions, there can be some muddy sections through the woods.

We have to make small changes to the course from time to time through the woods due to varying condition of tracks. The exact route will be finalised a few weeks before the course when track conditions are known.

The video below shows the 2019 course from just after the start line:

The course is 10k when measured by a bicycle wheel. GPS measurements are quite variable and generally underestimate the course length – we believe this is due to how GPS systems tend to average and smooth their tracks, resulting in perceived short-cuts around the many corners in the course.


The route through the woods has changed quite a bit this year, but is just as good as ever.

A Google Map of the 2019 course showing 1km sectors is available here.

You can download a map of the 2019 course here.

We expect the 2021 course to be the same as 2019 unless path conditions require us to make changes.

Is this for you?

Many people enjoy the Escrick 10k and enter year after year. We get a lot of positive feedback about the course, the setting and the event in general. We also welcome constructive feedback on how the race can be improved, and in particular any safety concerns.

However the event is not for everyone:

  • It takes place late morning on a Sunday in August. As a result it can be hot.
  • It's a multi-terrain course. We check the course for significant hazards and the paths are generally pretty good. However, there may be potholes to trip in, mud to slip on, and nettles/brambles at the edge of the course. If you're looking for a pristine surface, perhaps consider a road race.
  • You'll have to walk from the car park and there will be a few bits of waiting around. Our car parking is located between 500m and 880m walk from the start line, and most parking is on grass lawns. At peak times there can be modest queues waiting to park, and there may be a few queues to collect your race number. We use as many volunteers as we can to reduce this. If you want a race where you can turn-up 10 minutes before the start time and park next to the start line, this isn't the one for you.
  • It's in the countryside. We have a water table close to the 5km mark, but aside from that there are no facilities along the route.
  • Runners may encounter other people/vehicles/animals on the course. Most of the race is on private land, and we ask residents and horse riders to stay away during the race, but we cannot guarantee that you won't encounter other people on the course. Deer occasionally ignore our request to keep off the course. 100m of the course runs along the drive shared with some cars exiting the car park and runners should keep a good lookout when running (and driving!).  

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